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Abandoned by Drug Addict Parents is Adopted By Christian Parent, Becomes Gold Medal Champion

by Benny Johnson on

Abandoned by drug addict parents but saving by grace and become gold medal champion... Read full article

16 Billionaires Who Prove Jesus Is the Only Thing Needed for Success

by Jessalyn Justice on

From Truett Cathy to the Benham Brothers to Pat Robertson, Jesus-followers are making an impact across American culture. ... Read full article

God Used Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life” to Rescue Michael Phelps From Suicide

by Megan Briggs on

Surely if you’ve won as many as Michael Phelps you could feasibly ride that feeling of accomplishment the rest of your life. However, this was not the case for Phelps. Even after winning eight gold medals in Beijing... Read full article

Mengapa orang tidak mau mendengar firman?

by Effendi Susanto STh on

Tuhan menuntut kita bukan sekedar membaca namun juga menaati firman Tuhan. Setiap minggu engkau dan saya berbakti kepada Tuhan, mendengarkan firman Tuhan. Tetapi pada waktu kita mendengar firman Tuhan itu, berapa lama kita masih mengingatnya?... Read full article